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It is possible to fly to across the world in less than a day, but for many travellers, getting permission to visit the destination country can be an arduous process. Each government has its own visa rules, some of which are quite strict – and often expensive. Receiving a travel visa to the United States requires a cumbersome application process and non-refundable application fee for citizens of all but a few nations. Over the last few years, the visa denial rate for the United States has hovered around 20% (the rate varies widely depending on the country of origin). But if you’re carrying a US passport, you can travel without prior approval to the vast majority of other nations.

Our infographic “How Powerful is Your Passport” revealed the range of visa-free travel options open to citizens of each country. This interactive adds another layer to the data: the number of foreign passports each government considers worthy of visa-free entry. Countries shaded blue have powerful passports that allow wide-ranging free travel; those shaded red have relatively open policies regarding foreign travelers. The the more purple countries are closer to parity in their freedom to travel and their openness to visitors. This provides a fascinating, if somewhat murky, view into the geopolitics of travel restrictions: Iran allows citizens from 177 other countries to enter without applying for a visa. Iraq only allows visa-free travel from 3 countries.

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